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Case Study 05  

O2 More Relaunch

Expanding Revenue Streams whilst adding value to Existing Customers

Client: O2 Media / Telefónica

Project Name:

Brief Summary

Relaunch as a loyalty platform that contains offers for O2 Customers that are monetised, generating revenue for O2 and also driving users to the core O2 More mobile advertising network.


The project required considerable research in to what users were looking for, and what companies O2 could partner with for the consumer offers.

My core deliverable was a newly launched site, along with a back end element that allowed for partner companies to upload offers through.

Finally there was a weekly newsletter that was launched to push the offers to those O2 customers that had signed up.


O2 Telefónica like a lot of telco’s were observing the increased threat from tech companies as well as decreasing average earnings per customer and launched O2 Media as a way of generating new revenue streams from customers and the vast quantities of data O2 had.

One of their first product offerings was O2 More - a SMS advertising service that would target opted in customers with relevant advertising.

I joined O2 Media from a previous role and also having experience with SMS advertising from my first business/product (eyetxt/Stuwd). I was tasked with relaunching the O2 More platform to show and provide more value to those O2 Customers who had signed up.

The Problem

The core problem we were trying to solve was a bit more complicated than usual. This was because there was a 3rd stakeholder in the mix in the form of partner companies who would be providing the offers. This resulted in a difficult problem that needed a solution that would satisfy everyone.

The Business
How can O2 Media leverage their data, size and relationships to build a platform that can benefit their users and generate revenue?

The User
O2 Customers have signed up because they are interested in receiving relevant targeted offers from major brands that have partner with O2, how can we bring more of those offers to them and help them.

The Partnerships
The most crucial piece of this puzzle. Without partner companies and their major brands, along with great consumer offers, the product would provide no value to O2 Media or its users.


Because the most crucial stakeholder was identified as the partner companies, I spent a lot of time solely meeting and discussing options with a huge amount of companies.

This took shape in the form of offers they could provide, and the partnership we could have - including business model.

With the rise of Groupon and similar offerings, there was a lot of interest from the market and we were able to not only strike a lot of good partnerships prior to launch, but also to take feedback from those companies that could be fed in to the product. A core piece being a ‘self-service’ element.


The MVP that was launched was a desktop first product that contained a variety of exclusive voucher codes, offers and discounts for the O2 More users.

Users could easily browse, search and find these offers, with the best offers that had been struck being given special promotional slots.

The requirement for a self service platform turned out to be one of the shrewdest parts of the product. It meant O2 Media could save considerable time on management resource by allowing companies to upload their own deals directly (O2 ad ops would approve offers before they went live).

However the real clever tech was to engineer a feature with our development agency (Archibald Ingall Stretton) that allowed us to track and link utilised offers to individual users - therefore allowing a future ability to overlay the data we already had on O2 customers with the brands they were interested in - creating ‘profiles’, scaling the product and increasing conversion rates for partners. It would also enable the targeting of exclusive offers to particular segments that a brand partner was targeting.

Finally, a weekly newsletter was also launched to further promote and target offers.

Headline Numbers

  • Product Budget: The MVP was £112k, the newsletter was an additional £12k.
  • Number of Partners and offers at launch: 53 launch partners, and 89 offers at launch. This increased to 200 partners within 12 months.
  • New revenue streams: The first month saw around £5k in revenue that was linked directly to the platform, the Christmas period saw this spike to £50k in a month.
  • Number of New O2 More users: There were 2 million O2 More users at launch of the new product and this increased to 10 million within 9 months of launch.


In essence, if O2 Media was created to leverage customers and data to create new revenue streams, this was the perfect MVP of what could be achieved.

The numbers speak for themselves and is a great example of what a bit of ambition, mixed with research, innovation and experience can achieve.

Future improvements would focus on using data to target offers to individual users, along with allowing brands data analysis on the customers.


O2 More triples its user base in six months - Campaign Magazine

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